What a bunch of 42 Carat Plonkers they really are!

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What a bunch of 42 Carat Plonkers they really are!

Postby spotify95 » 07 Feb 2020, 08:25

The title says it all...

The platform staff at Leicester are so bad...

They make the overall atmosphere at Leicester railway station incredibly poor and promote negativity and hatred.

Giving loud sharp blows of the whistle and shouting at customers to use all the doors, when people are still trying to get themselves OFF the train, is highly unprofessional. You can't do anything about it, you haven't given the passengers enough time to get off the train!
All because the train is about 8 minutes late (which really can't be helped)...

I might be tempted to just buy a weekly from Leicester to South Wigston*, so it will let me through the barriers. Then forget about the actual journey I make. It will save me a lot of time and money.

What a bunch of 42 carat plonkers East Midlands Railway (EMR) really are!


Note that the De Montort Students Union have a machine for collecting pre-purchased tickets from EMR. There was a sign saying "do not unplug". Based on my last 24 hours of experience with them, I switched the machine off at the wall ! I didn't unplug it, so technically, all is well ;).

*If I really wanted to save money, I would purchase a weekly ticket between Leicester and Syston, the nearest station to Leicester (and therefore the cheapest). But Syston is managed by EMR, who don't deserve a single penny from me. South Wigston, however, is managed by CrossCountry, who must be better at management than the pathetic EMR.

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