OMG this is terrible

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OMG this is terrible

Postby Kyx » 03 Dec 2019, 15:43

My website can be found here:
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Re: OMG this is terrible

Postby pinkteddyx64 » 03 Dec 2019, 15:44

What is it? :confused:

Imageeriously, life's too short to be worried about retards on an internet forum. :eek2: :eek3:
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Re: OMG this is terrible

Postby spotify95 » 03 Dec 2019, 16:46

It's supposed to be one of those QR codes that you scan your phone with - except that my phone won't recognize it as it's not a proper QR code :p

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Re: OMG this is terrible

Postby unturned_cake » 05 Dec 2019, 11:08

If its not a proper QR code why should it be there? :dunno:

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