eBay "name and shame" thread

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Re: Ebay "name and shame" thread

Postby pinkteddyx64 » 10 Apr 2019, 20:55

spotify95 wrote:
pinkteddyx64 wrote:
spotify95 wrote:Here we go again, another special buyer that is worthy of a mention!

This time, it's:


Reason: buying a portable wind up/solar radio from me (tested and in good working order) and then to leave a neutral feedback saying that "the winder/spring coil are quite knackered".
Unless the winder was damaged in the shipping, then this is not possibly true as I tested it beforehand?!

If there was a problem with your purchase then you could have contacted me via message and I could have tried to help you out?

At least they haven't left a negative, nor have they dinged my star ratings.

But they have earnt something - a ban from purchasing from me again!
Maybe next time you should try resolving any problems with your seller BEFORE leaving feedback!

If they had dinged your star rating, would you have considered doxing them? :sly:

This is not the place for doxing anyone :p If we're to try and warn anyone about potential buyers/sellers to avoid, doxing isn't the way to go about things :nah:

Or, if you had the powers to, would you ban their eBay account or restrict their privileges?

Imageeriously, life's too short to be worried about retards on an internet forum. :eek2: :eek3:
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Re: eBay "name and shame" thread

Postby spotify95 » 22 May 2019, 21:45

Here's another gem of a buyer...

The person in question is:


Reason: opening up an "item not received" case (delivery HAD been attempted, see below) and then posting this:

"Hi just want to let u know that item not arrived. All I've got today is a card from post today is a card saying I have to pay £3 for a item waiting for me to pick up. Only item I am waiting for is from yourself. I should have received item yesterday.. If it is <redacted> then I'm not happy that I have not received yet plus I have to go pay an extra £3 on top as its supposed to be free delivery. I'm disappointed. I want to know what u can do about this please. I want item but don't see why I should pay £3 towards postage"

You paid £1.99 for the item including postage - yet you have the cheek to demand an additional £3 for covering Royal Mail's slip-ups?!

I checked the dimensions when I posted the item and they were within the postal requirements for the type of parcel I sent out. Obviously Royal Mail have clamped down on sizing, or there was an error somewhere - but as the buyer, you are responsible for any additional costs that may arise, through whatever circumstances.
You purchase the item, I send it out, the chosen service delivers to you as the buyer.

If it was an expensive item then I may have helped chip in towards RM's postage charge of £3, to make you happy (not that I would use RM for anything of any high value). But the item cost just £1.99 including postage. Do you really think I will use a "parcel" service, costing a minimum of £2.51 to post (not including eBay and PayPal fees)?
Postage isn't completely "free", it has to come from somewhere...

The buyer has been refunded in full, though surprisingly, I only lost 4p more than if I'd have sent it via Parcel2Go (the next cheapest option).
But in any case, if you have any problems with a transaction, you contact the seller via "I have a question about using the item or I want to send the seller a message".
You do NOT open up an "item not received" case to complain and demand a £3 surcharge payment when the item cost just £1.99.

My dealing with you is finished. You've got your money back. If you want the item, sort it out with the Post Office. Otherwise, it'll be returned to me.
But you won't be buying it again.
You won't be buying anything else from me again.
You are BANNED from my eBay user page and do not have the right to purchase from me ever again.
And I know your name/where you live, so don't try any stunts on me, or anyone else, again...

edit: This person has adversely affected my "item not received requests" service metric, from 0.44% to 0.79%... do they really want me to become below standard and hit hard by eBay?! If I was you, I'd ban this person from ever buying from you again - like I have done.

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